To encrypt sensitive and personal data

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Encrypt… send or archive your data

  • email encryption and security of messages

    Secure your e-mail messages

    Encrypt your sensitive files (plans, commercial proposals, personal data, etc.) with ZED! before sending them by e-mail to your customers and partners.
    ZED! protects e-mail from possible interception. Only authorized recipients will be able to decrypt them (using either passwords or certificates).
  • encrypted backups

    Archive with peace of mind

    Confidentiality is guaranteed, when your backup are encrypted by ZED! Only authorized users may consult or modify these data.
    The AES encryption algorithm implemented by ZED! guarantees a high security level. ZED! is capable of transporting an entire tree structure, with no limitation on volume and the integrated compression mechanisms reduce the size of the archive.
  • protect usb keys

    Protect your USB devices

    Add a .zed file on your USB devices offers the possibily to use it as a genuine portable security box. Your data are protected in the .zed against the risk of loss or theft of your USB Devices.
    Place your sensitive files, or even a full tree structure, in one or more ZED! containers. Your files will then be encrypted and only authorised users will be able to have access to them.
ZEDPRO is available in 12 languages:
english English,  French,  German,  Spanish,  Italian,  Portuguese,  Dutch,  Russian,  Chinese,
 Korean,  Japanese and  Arabic.